Tyler Henatay

Growing up in Southern California, Tyler has always had an affinity for the beauty of coastal life. Flipping through his old sketchbooks, you'll find them smattered with drawings of dilapidated buildings overlooking gorgeous coastlines, his beloved Panhead resting on the side of Pacific Coast Highway, waves crashing in the background, and numerous renderings of sailboats set against the serenity of a Southern California sunset or bound for adventure on the open sea. Putting pencil to paper has always been Tyler's way of capturing the great character in life around him before rendering his creations in other mediums.

In his early years as an artist, Tyler received inspiration and artistic development from his father, constant encouragement and motivation from his mother, and excellent technical instruction from Mr. Palacios while attending Redondo Union High School in the South Bay. After high school, art was put on the back burner as life took off at a full run. After several years of standard routines and busy work life, Tyler, along with his young family, hit the road in search of a slower paced, simpler life.

They spent the next 2 years in a 16ft Jewel travel trailer, moseying across the country, soaking up a variety of landscapes, climates, and cultures. With a second child on the way, their little family settled down in southwest Florida. Here Tyler was inspired to pick up a paintbrush again to capture the raw beauty of Florida's wildlife, coastlines, and captivating sunsets. He now portrays these scenes with acrylic on reclaimed wood from neighboring locales.

On any given weekend, you'll likely find Tyler with his adoring wife and children, (ages 2 and 6), selling art at local art walks, street fairs, and farmer's markets. Tyler's art is also represented at Island Visions Gallery in Matlacha, as well as Timeless in downtown Fort Myers.