Marjorie Bowers

Marjorie Bowers is a resident of Lilburn, Georgia. As avid RVers, she and her husband Carl spend a considerable amount of time traveling all over the country, seeking out her subject matter to photograph for later use in her pen and ink drawings. Having the amenities of home and the luxury of time allows her to be able to do in-depth photographic studies during different times of the day. This allows her the best setting for the shadows and light that will later build her work. Marjorie will also occasionally work with other artists' photographic compositions who share her vision. Her favorite subject matter is old architecture, historic landmarks and scenic landscapes, but she does occasionally include some wildlife drawings. Pen and ink is the main focus of her art and is meticulously detailed, using her unique techniques to achieve lovely textures. She uses a very small .005 pen to capture the fabulous details, often spending 100 hours on one drawing. Of late, she has learned to utilize pencil and ink washes when the subject matter calls for a more relaxed feel (skies, water, certain shadows, etc.). Quite often, she uses a method of isolated color to bring out a small area in color. She does this the old fashioned way, using a speedball pen and colored ink. This unique treatment compliments the black and white in a very positive way and is an excellent finish for pen and ink art, as you will see in her work.