Jennifer Ardolino Ardolino
Mixed Media

Jennifer Ardolino sees art in many things and has a magical way of transforming what she sees into vivid, wonderfully colored images that transport the viewer into the scenes. The rich palette of the tropics and the beauty of nature have provided Jennifer with an endless variety of vibrant subjects. Her chosen media extend from the supple natural beauty of watercolors to the strong vivid colors of acrylics.

A Native of South Florida, Jennifer’s painting have always reflected her surroundings. Ranging from the vividly colored tropical manicured landscapes of South Florida where she grew up, to the wild unspoiled natural beauty of a remote island preserve where she now lives, to the Tropical Caribbean where she has sailed to and visited many times.

Jennifer self publishes all her own artwork, her many years of training and experience as a successful graphic designer have given her the skills and expertise to produce all of her own Giclee prints. This allows her to enjoy ultimate control over the quality and artistic content in each and every print she produces. Her paintings and Giclee prints are the ultimate blend of nature, art, color and state of the art technology.

A graduate of Colorado’s Institute of Art, Ardolino’s work has gained national and international acclaim, earning her numerous awards on the art show circuit. Her artwork can be found in Galleries throughout Florida as well as in Caribbean hotels, corporations and numerous private collections.