Ivy Yuan

I am Taiwanese born and raised,educated in Singapore and have lived in 7 countries, I made a career in merchandizing mainly in skin care & beauty products until I moved to the USA in 2007, we lived by a small but beautiful lake in MI and the water and the swans that lived by us made me happy every day, it didn’t matter the weather,so with beautiful views and a light filled house I was inspired to paint, totally self taught , I began with landscapes, portraits and still life all oil on canvas , as a former city girl living by the water these are the 2 themes running thru a lot of work along with Asia. In 2010 we moved to Korea, I continued to paint, then Thailand and finally China, I continued to paint and to be influenced by my surroundings, in 2015 we moved to Florida and I began the process to become an American citizen, I accomplished this in February 2019. I’m now 100% on developing my art, I paint things that make me happy, I have the soul of Asia living the American Dream.

Artistic style

I am a self taught artist who doesn’t like to be limited to one style, i especially like to paint things that make me happy , like citylife, anything to do with the ocean or beach, Geisha, Abstract twisted landscape or cityscape or underwater, I paint almost exclusively in oil on canvas, I use texture and broad brush strokes , I’m definitely not into real life interpretation my paintings are full of quirky characters, colorful, bold, textured.