Gayle Forshee-Naughton

Gayle Foshee' is an artisan handbag designer.  Each of Gayle's handbags is a uniquely designed piece of wearable art.

Gayle uses leather, hand-dyed ribbon, nuno felting and found objects to create stunning bags. 

Her latest inspiration comes from Frida Kahlo, a famous Mexican self portrait artist.  Known for her colorful clothing and art, Gayle has used interesting colorful fibers  in her collection.

Gayle attributes her creative energy and playful designs to her muse "Tango" the mischievous and wickedly funny Cockatoo. 

"Tango" shares his house with Gayle in Clearwater, Florida.

Gayle offers her artful bags in juried art and fine craft shows across the US.