Dean & Tracy Ernst

The story of Essential Candy™ began with a quiet bike ride and thoughts of a loved one who was battling cancer in October 2018. I was alone, pushing hard against the wind and questioning if I simply wanted to give up and turn around when the vision of my dear friend appeared in my mind. While they were fighting a disease and unable to exercise, as many are who face similar challenges, how could I give up so easily? Through tears I pushed through the blustery conditions wondering, “What can I do? How can I help my friend’s nausea, and the terrible taste in his mouth from repeated chemotherapy treatments?”

Suddenly in a moment of eerie calm, I heard a voice that was loud enough for me to look around. “Make candies infused with essential oils,” it said. At first I made them just for my friend, but from his happiness the journey began of listening and being guided to help with a little piece of joy in every Essential Candy™.