Caleb Barnaby

"This world is an open landscape for constant imagination and creation. Since a young age, I’ve been interested in the principle, conception and sharing of jewelry. I grew up in an artistic environment where nature, exploration and creativity always took precedence over new age technology. Over time, I have found that the love and respect that surrounds displaying my art through functional jewelry is incredibly rewarding. I find inspiration through the positive energies radiating from the natural elements that surround me. 

Most of my designs feature antique, recycled supplies such as vintage watches and spent bullet shells. I am constantly on the hunt for materials that most would never consider and thrive off the thrill of finding pieces that have been forgotten, overlooked or unseen from a resourceful visionary. The mystery of what lies within fascinates my tinkering soul. I take great pride in researching the history of my newfound treasures and deconstructing them to create something entirely new. I get much pleasure in the knowledge that I am bringing something “back to life,” so to speak. My creative process is a direct reflection of the respect for and the ecological impact I have on my surroundings.

Recently, I have found myself in a place where I am able to allow my creative thoughts to travel into uncharted territory. I feel I am continually evolving as an individual through my designs, leading to a constant desire to try new things. I hope my art will continue to spread positive energy to this darkening world."