Aaron Reed

Aaron Reed is an inspirational self-taught artist from Albany, Georgia. He grew up surrounded by African American art in his family home. He discovered his artistic talent in his senior year, where he was a standout Basketball Player at Westover High School. Aaron has a passion for art and his work is full of feeling, inspiration, and texture. Aaron’s artistic style is impressionism, realism and figurative abstracts. His preferred mediums are prismacolor pencils and acrylic. Aaron gets his inspiration from the surroundings of life and well-known artists such as Thomas Kinkade, Picasso, William Tolliver, Paul Goodnight, Sidney Carter, and others. In 2005, Aaron was named the artist of the year at Valdosta State University and was among one of the youngest artist to exhibit at the ESSENCE MUSIC FESTIVAL 2005 in New Orleans as well as the NATIONAL BLACK ARTS FESTIVAL 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2008, Aaron received national recognition with a featured article in Southwest Georgia Living which set the foundation for his thriving care. Though several years into his career, now Reed won’t allow himself to become stagnant. He’s constantly renovating ideas and changing his style, looking for ways to improve. As an artist, he feels as though life revolves around love, music and family. "Im inspired by what life has to offer. Life requires change and adjustments. As an artist, I am blessed to capture the moments of life that we remember. I am here to share these moments we cherish with you." ~Aaron Reed ~

Aaron really appreciates the ideas and feedback he receives from more seasoned veterans of the art industry. “My ultimate goal was to establish my own identity as an artist so that you can’t walk past my booth without knowing you’re seeing an Aaron Reed,” In 2013, Aaron opened REED'S Custom Framing & Fine Art Gallery in Olde Town Conyers, Georgia so that he can display his artwork even while he is traveling the country. Aaron is as an adoring father of two children Christopher and Kylie Reed. When he is not traveling, he loves to go to his sons sporting events, date night with his wife, going fishing, and just spending time with family.

Aaron started his company where he wants to focus on his own distribution of artwork so that he can help younger artist just like himself. Aaron currently is an award winning artist who is heavily collected among artisans and travels the country exhibiting in some of the top rated art shows in the country. His talent for art hasn’t gone unnoticed in the celebrity world either, such as Angela Bassett, T-Boz from TLC, and etc.. Others adorn the walls of homes, doctors’ and dentist’ offices, universities and schools around the country.

While a self-taught artist, Aaron is aware that there is much more to learn about art form and art history. He truly values his studies at Valdosta State University and he wants to share his love of art with others.

Let Aaron transform your home or office. Help him to become Americas most collected artist.