5th Annual Keystone River Run Village Art Festival (Keystone, CO)
July 24th & July 25th, 2021
Saturday & Sunday 10 am –6 pm

Welcome to the 5th Annual Keystone River Run Village Art Festival in Keystone, Colorado! Please read all information below to help the show run as smoothly as possible.

Everyone MUST back up to the curbs, buildings, etc. This has been very challenging in years past and will be strictly enforced. Set-up will begin on Friday from 11AM-5PM. Saturday, set up will be from 6:30am – 9am. If you arrive between 6:30am – 7am on Saturday, you will need to dolly. From 7am-8:30am on Saturday morning, you may drive up to your space. Vehicles will need to be out of the show site at 8:30AM. You may leave your display fixtures set-up overnight Saturday. Although security will be provided, we strongly urge you to take your items out of your booth on Friday and Saturday night. If you or your work are not in your booth by 7:45 am on Saturday, we will consider you a “no show” and you will be at risk of losing your space. We appreciate your attention to this matter. Your booth must be open and ready for business each day of the festival by 9:30am.  Please no screwing, drilling, or staking into the ground. Please refrain from smoking in or around your booth.

Fire Marshall Regulations
1.      You must have 40lbs per leg  and a strap that attaches the weight to the tent top.  
2.      Your tent top needs to be affixed to the weight
3.      The weights must to be attached to the tent legs.

Colorado special event license Click Here for email confirmation with all tax info
It is mandatory that you register for a state of Colorado license. You will not be permitted to set up until you show proof as it is illegal to sell without licenses. You must email info@artfestival.com your State of Colorado special event license number/Special event account number you will be filing under before setting up at the show.

Keystone Neighbourhood Company Tax: Click here for form

The KNC must collect .5% (1/2 of 1%) in surcharges of the TOTAL GROSS SALES from all exhibitors selling wares and providing services in the River Run Village. For example, if you sell $100 in wares, the KNC must collect $.50. Please fill out the form along with documentation of total receipts collected from the festival weekend. You will have 14 days to submit the documentation and payment to the KNC at 140 Ida Belle Drive, Ste. F4 Keystone, CO. 80435. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact our Business Manager at 970.423.8999.

Howard Alan Events Emergency Contacts
This is to be used only for Emergencies. Please email emergency@artfestival.com. Emails are monitored 24 hours a day. If you do not have access to a computer/internet, please call 954-649-1211. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER ASKING FOR YOUR SPACE NUMBER OR DIRECTIONS!!

Navigational Address
120 Ida Belle Drive
Keystone, CO 80435

Keystone Resort

Begins on Saturday and Sunday night at 6:00PM. Vehicles cannot be brought into the show site until after 7:00pm on Sunday. (If the show area still has spectators, please wait until the show coordinators give the O.K. before bringing vehicles into area.)  Your vehicle will not be allowed in unless your display has been completely broken down and is ready to be loaded into your vehicle!  Everyone is responsible for cleaning up their space at breakdown (i.e., cable ties, cigarette butts and garbage).

Located on site.

All parking is located at The Montezuma Lot. You must obtain a property parking pass from Helayne or Elaine during set up to park in the lot. You must have the correct parking pass in order to park here. Directions on where to park will be provided on the pass. Parking without a pass will result in ticketing. Parking is only permitted at the far WEST (towards Dillon and the Lake) end of the lot; please leave the rest of the lot for guest parking and HIKE MS people. The Montezuma Lot is the big surface lot located just north of the show site on Gondola Road. You will pass the lot as you come off the highway to enter River Run Village. This is walking distance to the show site.

RV & Overnighter Etiquette
No outdoor cooking, no dumping of any kind and absolutely no Sunday overnight parking.  These rules must be strictly adhered to. Because parking space is at a premium, all trailers should be detached from your vehicles and placed in a parking stall. All RVs must be stacked into a parking spot as tightly as possible. Our properties do not want RVs that are loosely packed across 5-6 parking spots, taking up all the room.