Tali Almog

After nurturing and developing her talent in Los Angeles where her work was featured in several gallery shows and purchased by art savvy Hollywood elites, Tali relocated to Miami. “I have always been an artist with all my heart and soul. The circles I use reflect the energy of the body. The pia ratio, 1.1618 (the number of God), has repeated appearance throughout nature. Every inch of our body, the butterfly, the shell, the daisy flower, the Star of David, it is engrained all over our DNA. This has helped me find the inspiration to continue my artwork into the next stage of my career.”

Her work combines impressionistic, emotions, and abstract idealism and facets of a unique personality. While viewing Tali’s art, one realizes quickly that each of her pieces in some way is a reflection of her sincerity and intimacy that infuses her work and makes it powerful, spiritual, and timeless. She often gives back to the community by donating her paintings to a variety of charitable causes. She has donated paintings to wonderful causes like “AGUDA LEMA’AN ACHYAL” for the benefit of Israeli soldiers, the Sabrina Foundation for disabled people. the Agape Center family resource program for community action and Project Sunshine – Miami.

Tali has had exclusive showings of her work at “Up-Scale Galleries” across the country from Miami’s design district to San Francisco California and states in between. Since 2004, Tali has sold more than 900 paintings nationwide and continues to receive a large response and wide acknowledgment from the artistic community. You can review an article on Tali published in VIP Guide Florida winter issue, pp. 32.