Carol Ferony

Growing up in New York just north of the city, I experienced the wonders of small historic towns and ever-changing seasons. Encouraged by parents whose plan for their children was to make available to them an education from which they could excel and follow their dreams, I remain ever so grateful for their foresight. Lessons in the art of cooking that an Italian heritage provides and my background in fine art have afforded me opportunities to engage in the creative experiences that bring me to where I am today. Once again I am enjoying the quiet life of a small historic town, this time in the seasonal warm breezes of the Florida Gulf Coast. My work can be seen on exhibit in select fine art festivals around the country.

I consider composition essential. I use primarily drawing techniques in my work with soft pastels creating a textural effect and an interesting depth perspective within a two dimensional format. I combine various techniques in the initial work with my oil pastels, each finished with subtle overlay etching.

My overall ambition is to create images with multiple levels of interest. Enjoy!