Gina Muxo Ramos and Orestes Bouzon of Bouzon Muxo Fine Art
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October 17th - 18th, 2020
Gina and Orestes met via the art scene when she was exhibiting in a neighboring gallery and they quickly became friends. During a conversation on how similar both artists are, they discuss creating a joint series that would merge the best of all their techniques and ideas.   They both wanted to create more contemporary work. Since both artists had Series of their own which were more traditional styles, they thought it would be a good idea to create a contemporary body of work as a collaboration.
  In the mists of discussing ideas for the series, during a dinner conversation, it was revealed that they also shared the origins of their names which have the distinct characteristic of and accent on the ó. The names which can be traced to Europe from Spain, France, Italy, Malta and also Brazil, lead us to research the history of these countries which we found all share one thing in common, Carnivals.  This conversation created a spark of forward energy and they quickly decided the collaboration between these two artists would be subsequently named “Carnavale”.  Gina and Orestes have been working alongside each other for the past three and a half years.
This merger of “Bouzon Muxo” gave birth to the series “Carnavale”, highlighting the talents of these two artists uniting in their experiences and styles in an explosion of colors that expresses their emotions.  This Series gives rise to a unique and original style of this artistic union.
Both Gina and Orestes are inspired by joyous masquerades.  They enjoy creating positive cheerful artwork and like to portray women as beautiful, Strong and self-confident. Emphasizing on the expressions in their eyes as they are revealed beneath the mask.  Together they create abstract blends of reality and fantasy.   Prior to beginning each piece of artwork Gina and Orestes discuss image, color, what they want the painting to represent, and its relevance to its surroundings. The series is an intense marriage of mediums and technique with extreme attention to detail.  Careful attention was taken to each detail and how the colors contrast one another and flow within each other.
The series is also unique because both Orestes and Gina combine their talents working on each piece together at the same time. This trust between artists is not common.
 Their main goal is to have their work be recognized worldwide and sought after by collectors and galleries.
“These pieces are not only astonishing and uncommonly beautiful, but they are one of a kind with no reproductions”.
Gina Muxó Ramos
A widely exhibited artist, is a native of Miami, Florida. She was born with the God given talent to be an Artist, always having a passion for drawing and painting. Gina has fond memories of sitting in her room for hours drawing and painting not wanting to be interrupted. She is a self-taught artist which helped tremendously with any inhibitions and expectations, thus free to create and express herself through her feelings and ideas. Her use of color, image, and range is spectacular. The ability to express herself through art has produced beautiful results.
"My Oasis" by Gina Muxo Ramos
Orestes Bouzón
Orestes is a globally established and highly exhibited artist who was born in Havana Cuba, February 20, 1963. Painting has been his natural form of expression since early childhood. As a young child, Bouzón articulated his feelings best on paper and his life began to revolve around his visions. Bouzón was accepted at the prestigious San Alejandro School of Arts Havana Cuba in 1980. While attending San Alejandro, Bouzón began to see the beauty in the art of life and has developed a sensitive, yet dramatic style. His ability to capture light using vibrant colors to express varying mood and feelings in his paintings is extraordinary.
"Your Majesty Azure" by Orestes Bouzon