Jen Sterling

Color has always had a profound influence on my state of mind. While traveling in the American southwest with my sister I was struck by the colors I saw there. So much so, that when I came home I immediately bought paint and canvas and started trying to convey how those colors made me feel.

The goal of my work is to inspire energy and excitement from within… to empower the viewer to do something bold. To convey strength and power. My paintings are not meant to “be vanilla” or just match your couch. These images are meant to make you feel strong and powerful… to start your day with a zing.

In my "day job" I have over two decades of experience helping companies build awareness and preference. I am the Chief Red Head and a partner at Red Thinking. I am passionate about community service and have served on numerous boards. I am also an active mentor for emerging businesses.

I graduated from George Washington University earning a BA in Visual Communications with a minor in Psychology. I live with my husband, daughter, and “furry children” in Annapolis, MD.