James Ardis

It has been my life’s work to use my creativity and talent in the arts trying to find the elusive thing that sets my mind on fire, wakes me up totally excited to pursue… it. I do not set out to produce art about one subject or another, I am never without my sketchbook in hand, so I am constantly drawing and inventing. I love the design aspect of any art form, from the initial drawings to the many considerations along the way to the actual completion. Even long after the art is completed I am redesigning it in my mind, changing the balance, recoloring, trying to find what makes it work, and improving upon it.

My most recent passion of repoussé in sheet metal is compelling, as it requires me to create the illusion of depth when the actual depth has reached its limits. Hammering into and up from that sheet, creating volume and form. As I work with copper sheet – it is amazing to see a figure or a flower appear right before me on the metal, magically, first a hammered live drawing, then slowly rising up from flatness to life, to remain there forever; it gives me great satisfaction.