Carolyn Copper
“I work hard to create exceptional photographic art. It's a labor of love and ethics matter to me. I'm an advocate for, and practice, ethical photography. My nature and wildlife images are free from manipulation, harassment, or damage to natural settings or wildlife. A career in public service inspired a second career in photography. I'm an experienced executive, educator, and business owner. I’m a retired US Environmental Protection Agency executive with 25 years of federal government service. I hold a PhD in social psychology, a certificate in Nature and Landscape photography, and I'm a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitation Professional. I enjoy memberships in professional photography groups and wildlife organizations, including the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association and the International Council of Wildlife Rehabilitators. As a photographer my goal is to bring to the foreground the unseen things all around us and that fall into the background of busy human life. When we stop the rush of life and just let ourselves look, our minds and hearts can grow in remarkably new ways. I photograph wildlife, and natural and human-built environments that inspire, educate, and surprise. I'm a proud supporter of faith organizations, wildlife organizations, and conservation leaders.“