Barbara Keen
Green Market

"My name is Barbara Keen and I am the proud owner, founder, and CEO of Heavenly Soap Company. As a young girl growing up in impoverished Haiti, we often did not have access to many of the household items most people took for granted elsewhere. My mother refused to be a victim of circumstance and instilled within us the importance of being self-sufficient. She would often make, from scratch, many of the items that we needed around the house to ensure proper hygiene and sanitation. Of particular interest to me, was the way my mother would make soap.

It was only upon arriving to the states that I began to use store-bought soap for the very first time. I immediately knew that homemade soap was far superior and I was determined to find out why. I began by researching the ways in which soap is made, the chemistry of it all, the individual ingredients and the properties they provide.

Initially, I started out by handcrafting artisan soap as a hobby from my home. I did this for about two years while consistently seeking ways to improve my soaps through trial and error. Although it was challenging, my passion for soap making only intensified with each passing day. Eager to expand both my knowledge and product line, I spent countless hours reading, researching and experimenting. I even solicited the help of family and friends for the purpose of testing my products and obtaining the necessary feedback. It wasn’t long before the initial modest approvals turned to overwhelming successes. I now knew the time had come to take a leap of faith and share my passion for the art of soap making with the entire world! I feel so blessed to have this opportunity because making handcrafted artisan soap has given me a newly found purpose in life.  It’s been a tremendously exciting and extremely rewarding experience for me. Our company is consistently striving to evolve and grow and we welcome anyone who would love to come along for the adventure".